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Career choice is a crucial part of life.

welcome SFor one to achieve a successful and fruitful career, it is vital to match personality with the kind of job one settles in. At least that is what these four writers believe. They attest that being a writer requires little talent and a lot of personality. Whether creative writing or content writing, different personalities yield the different kind of writers there is today. Whichever writer you may be, satisfaction and gratification trump everything.

Website Writer: James Poole

Everyone knows that Millennials are the most educated, yet the worst underpaid of all generations. This notion is no more obvious then by the young aspiring website writer James. With a major in IT, he feels that professionalism is essential to insure that any message gets across. While it may not be a personality trait, a lifetime of competing for everything has shaped this young writer into a fighter.

Head Editor and Writer: Kenneth Brandon

This is exactly the kind of guy who feels trapped in a classic case of sibling rivalry in the writing world. Caught between his predecessors who act as the self righteous first child of writing, and those after him, being naive and entitled. While ranting and self pity is not an attractive trait, the position of Head editor and writer is between two opposing notions, and neither seems to work for his craft. Kenneth maintains that writing is purely out of passion, the money is only a bonus.

Contributing Writer: Eric Arrington

This character has been writing for over three decades now. As a contributing writer, he feels his craft is slowly diminishing. While saving grace, relying on the enviable position of having experienced both the past and the future- Eric is not one to flinch easily. He’s confident that owing to his experience, age does not deter his writing skills. He lives by the motto that “your skill of writing has value shouldn’t depend on an editor’s compliment assignment. It should be from just within and unaffected by outside input".

Special Writing Projects: John Mayberry

Without a word- John is a pro at writing, with a career spanning for decades. This outspoken bloke has mastered the art of writing on a daily basis, with a target word count a day. It is this consistency and effort put into the writing schedules that elevates them. John believes that making it as professional writer is not about earning a fortune, but managing the lifestyle of a writer, and the results will inevitably show. Aside from that, he’s mighty powerful at downing a few pints like no one we know.

Matching one’s personality and work is often understated. This assumption always leads to disgruntled and unsatisfactory lives and careers. Writers are especially guilty of this, assuming that talent is all that is needed to succeed. Which is why we aren’t just stopping to smell the roses along the road to illumination. We would like to hear from you as well if you have any thought what can be added to our site and or how to make it better, we would love to hear from you.



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