Internet Speed and Providers

Internet today SInternet today has helped with many daily and business task. Sometimes we need the fastest internet speed to help us out. That would lend us to call our internet provider for an upgrade. Today would be what the expectations are when calling and working with your cable guy or internet provider on boosting your internet speed.

First things first is that we’ll have be sure of, why do we want more speed? If we want to upgrade from our current plan and internet speed? The reason the questions are asked because, it depends on our Mbps, Megabytes per second. Back then if one want to just surf the web we wouldn’t really need anything more than 4-6 Mbps. In today’s society, that would be now sluggish. Broadband speed is 25mbps, which is suitable. Unless the internet provider is having problems or that your internet connection is experiencing some problems. Of course this is for the standard person or small businesses. If we have the standard of today 25 to 99 mbps, what would 100 mbps and over do for us? It’ll increase the quality of streaming the video or surfing through the web. Most Internet providers today though does provide that amount over.

We would then though have to see the scary part of this. The cost and actually seeing how long it’ll take to the upgrade to be in effect. Let look at Verizon for example. Their standard pricing for the average month-to-month payment for internet is $84.99lm02 for Year 1. Sticking with this plan for another year would be $89.99/mo which includes taxes, fees & equipment charges with auto renewal. High-speed internet perfect for small businesses with only a few employees. Verizon does knock off the 5 dollars for the first year of this plan.

The internet broadband they provide?

It is 75/75 mbps. Which is a general good speed for houses also. If one want to jump to the next plan, because they wanted to stream the sports game. Even stream a pay-per view movie. The current internet plan they have does the job for regular web surfing or connections. It is just not up to that type speed they are looking for, because the game keeps buffering. Well maybe they would say it is time to upgrade. That price then goes from 84.99/89.99 dollars to 109.99/119.99 dollars for 150/150 mbps.

That is for one Internet Provider over many, many, many more in the world today, rates. Old plan to the new plan up for our internet usage. So we got the faster internet, but how long does it take to be implemented? There is a movie that needs to be streamed pronto. That would depend on the service provider. Some say it could be instant, quick and easy to upgrade to a new plan, no interruptions. Others say it can take a day. Some even say it can take a couple of days. That safest bet is to ask the provider how long it would take it to take effect. Simple. A cable guy only comes to install and uninstall your router or modern.

That is all good news. Bad news is, if an old outdated modem or router is still being used, it can start causing the internet speed to be slow. Check the modem or router with the service provider and see if the box passed it expiration date. Better to ask the provider and still be content with the internet speed and connection. Faster speed is great just not at the cost of it.