ls ADSL going to be replaced anytime soon?

It is not likely that ADSL will find a replacement any time soon. New developments in the world have given rise to wireless network and nothing has ever taken the world by storm like the love that people have for wireless. Despite these developments the question that rings in the minds of many people is whether the all-time ADSL broadband will vanish from the world soon or later. The question “Is ADSL going to be replaced anytime soon?” poses an argument that creates a dividing line that seeks to find out whether to settle for wireless or broadband connection.

ADSL is secure compared to wireless connections. People want to make life easy, nobody wants to wait until they are in their home to connect to the internet. Although there are encrypted wireless connections out there, some wireless points are open. Let’s agree! Wireless signals can really make work that easy. I am typing this post while on a wireless connection with my laptop on my laps out in the shade. This could not be possible with a broadband connection like ADSL. Riding on free wireless connections can be risk. Hackers are ever finding out ways to exploit networks. The number of black hat guys is rising out there. Hackers are making a fortune out of the wireless connections even if there can be passwords as security measures, the risks of wireless connections is apparent.

With online commerce, we have lots of our personal information over the internet. We have our personal lives, the secrets of our business, and credit card banking information on the internet. How secure are we? The world has experienced a couple of hazardous hacking that has often led to lose of lots of client information to the bad hands. I would not like to have my information getting into the hands of someone that can bring me to my knees. If you think about securing yourself, then you have something to worry about the wireless networks. The black hats are with us in every step we make. There is nothing much we can do about that fact. IT companies meet the hackers’ challenge with new security measures. More attacks, more securities. Hackers seem to always figure out a vulnerability in every security measure that companies come up with.

On occasion, wireless hackers use their free set up wireless connection in the location of their targets. As you connect to the “free” wireless, you are simply giving them a free ticket for the hackers to spy your computers and extract their information of interest. The hackers can also install software on open wireless that is able to spy you. That wireless from your neighbor makes you a gazelle in the mouth of an angry lion.

A connection to broadband network makes the work harder for the hackers. They can only do a little. Maybe they can reach you by digging up telephones line (of course they cannot do that. Another issue comes up when everyone in your network wants to stream, make calls, and use the connection for anything. Wireless connections can be that slow in these circumstances. Although a wireless has made life easier, it takes firewalls and MAC address filters to be secure. How many people can afford this? Hopefully, the question “Is ADSL going to be replaced anytime soon?” is answered. It is not going to happen any time soon.