How Fast Is Your Internet Speed?

average internet speed GThe internet has always been a big determinant of the level of comfort experienced at home. From streaming music to online games, almost all leisure activities involve accessing the internet. But how would it be if being online becomes almost impossible due to slow internet speed?

We have all been victims of sluggish internet, and it is really something to be angry about. Imagine you’re playing mobile casino games like poker, where you must make a decision in a limited time. If you don’t act in time, you might lose your money, and that’s basically the stage where phones can get smashed into the wall...with a reason. Now, did you know that internet speed is not universal? Our idea of fast internet actually varies from person to person and even country to country. For instance, online gamers need greater internet speeds than one would need to stream music. So, how fast is your internet speed?

How Fast is High Speed Internet?

I found out the other day that the term ‘high speed’ is just some sort of cliche long used by marketers to get you to purchase their modems and routers. If you come to think of it, when the first modems made it to the market, they all had ‘High Speed’ as a tag. The best were actually only able to offer 56kbps. Ten years later, major improvements had been made on the initial models to about 3Mbps and everyone thought that there was no room left for higher internet speeds. Today, the average American internet consumer will be marveled by an internet speed of 6Mbps.

How Fast Should Your Internet Be?

If you haven’t heard, the average internet speed for the whole world is just above 7.2Mbps. This means that if your home internet peaks above this, then you have a relatively high speed connection. It however comes down to individual needs. If you’re streaming news on your TV while still using the same connection for online gaming, Laptop/Desktop PC and mobile connection, 10Mbps is good to go.

You Are the Determining Factor

If you buy a regular home Wi-Fi router, you will enjoy fast internet speeds with few devices connected. This means that the more connected devices there are, internet speeds gradually slow down. According to research, the average home has at least eight devices connected to the internet. The fact that we need most of our devices to always be on means that we will constantly have to deal with buffering and latency issues. The solution, however, is not to reduce the number of devices that are connected to the internet at home. You need to upgrade to higher internet speeds.

How do you do it?

The Next Generation Multi-User MIMO As I had mentioned earlier, even a good router with high speed internet will constantly be overwhelmed by the increasing number of devices it is servicing. The Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) on the other hand is able to service all your devices at a go and still maintain a constant internet speed. While a common router sends a single transmission to each connected device at a time, the MU-MIMO assigns each device a separate transmission. This allows you to enjoy up to 3 times more speed and performance for each connected device. This new technology is your solution to the question of high speed internet.